Welcome to my First Post

Hi everyone!! My name is Savannah and I am currently working through my last semester of undergrad. When I graduate I will have a degree in history and a minor in Spanish. Within the past year I became really invested in skincare. Skincare was my way of relaxing after a long day of school and work. This passion for skincare jumpstarted my need to find new ways to practice selfcare. I was taking care of my skin in ways that I had not done before, and the rest of my body and mind needed the same care that my face and neck were getting. I started exploring other activities that made me feel good. Sometimes it was as simple as enjoying green tea outside in the sun. Since the beginning of quarantine, I have been making an effort to do things to better myself. This blog is going to focus on ways I am practicing selfcare whether it be through skincare, cooking, exercising, or anything else that makes me feel happy.

Just living my happiest life

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!


instagram: @savsskincare

email: savsskincare@gmail.com

Published by savsselfcare

Passionate about selfcare, skincare, health, beauty, and living a full life Instagram: @savsskincare

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