My Current Favorite Forms of Selfcare

I am currently working on my senior thesis which is taking a lot out of me. Somedays there are very few things that keep my head above water. I try to be consistent so I can be productive and get everything done that I need to in a day. I start my day with cooking a delicious breakfast that makes me excited to start the day. Lately, I have been loving avocado toast with an egg on top. I feel like cooking and enjoying good food is a very important part of life. Food is universal. People might not like the same things, but good food is good food. People connect over good food. When I do not eat quality food it makes me feel sluggish and tired constantly. I try to make it a point to eat food that makes me excited to eat it.

My favorite breakfast- avocado toast with a fried egg, turkey sausage, and sautéed spinach

Another thing that I have been doing lately in youtube workouts. Sometimes, the drive to the gym just seems impossible. I know I need to be active in order to feel good and have more energy. I care about my personal health and I know moving will keep me in good health and mental state. And a 20 minute HIIT workout and walking my dog 45 minutes a day keeps me feeling at peace, and still allows me to be productive. I like to start my day with a brief yoga session just to stretch and wake up. Then around midday, I try to do a HIIT workout. I love being at the gym, and when I go I am always glad I made the decision to go to the gym. But often, I convince myself that I do not have time. But a 20 minute at home workout goes by so quickly, it does not disturb my day at all. I do struggle with feeling overwhelmed and sometimes the slightest things can stress me out to the max. I have been this way for as long as I can remember, but dealing with stress is something that I feel like I have gotten better at as I have gotten older. Working out greatly helps with keeping stress at bay. Sometimes, even just a short walk can help me to put things into more of a positive perspective.

This weekend I spent a lot of time with my family and my boyfriend’s family. Sometimes this family time is the best remedy for stress. Eating good food and spending quality time with all the people I love is something that I am trying to incorporate more into my busy schedule. But I am also trying to find the balance of spending time with my family and taking time for myself. As much as I love both families, it is extremely important for me to have time that is just dedicated to myself. A lot of people feel like this is selfish, but if you are constantly giving everyone else all your energy you will crash and feel guilty for saying no when you have to. I love everyone in my life very much, and generally everyone understands when I decline on plans occasionally. I do not feel bad about saying no to someone if saying yes means sacrificing my peace. And I try to keep this in mind when people tell me no too. Understanding that everyone has something going on prevents you from getting your feelings hurt.

Happy Tuesday to everyone! I hope everyone takes care of themselves this week. Focus on the good in your life, eat some amazing food, go for a walk or do a quick workout.

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