The Women in My Life

As a woman, I think it is extremely helpful to be surrounded by strong women. My mother is an extremely strong woman. She is a pure angel and she cares so deeply for everyone she meets. Mom and I are extremely close. I have always told her a lot more than most girls my age. She raised me in a way that has carried me through life in a such great way. When I was little she would tell me how important it was to stand up for myself and to not tolerate actions that hurt me. These lessons were so important for me and I feel like they allowed me to be confident in who I am today.

My mom is amazing in so many ways. She is an outstanding cook. She cooks with love and puts a lot of time into her dishes which makes dishes taste amazing. It is because of her that I am so interested in cooking. This summer, I took a course over Mediterranean history. In this course, I had to prepare several traditional Mediterranean meals. I cooked three meals with mom. We drank wine together and cooked together and the food was delicious. And I LOOOVVEE food as a means of selfcare.

She is also a runner. She started running when she turned 50 years old which is crazy to me. I am 21 and can run very short distances and she runs half marathons and actually finds them enjoyable. But since I have moved back home we have started working out with one another again. We go on three mile walks with our dogs and try to go to the gym at least three times a week. She has such a variety of interests and she does so well in each one.

I am so glad God blessed me with her as my Mama

My mama

Another great woman in my life is my boyfriend’s mom. She has opened up her home to me and has always been so welcoming. This year during quarantine, I spent around three weeks straight with her. I spent more time with her than I did my boyfriend, because he was still working during this time.

She is such a great woman. She raised my handsome honey to love and respect women. He is 100% a mama’s boy, and I laugh at her all the time for spoiling all of her boys like she has.

She is also a great cook. She makes absolutely amazing cabbage rolls. But during the weeks I spent with them I think we went through hundreds of avocados, eggs, and green tea bags. She would bring Tris and I ginger and green tea every night. Isn’t that the sweetest.

I am so blessed to have a good relationship with my future mother in law.

My boyfriend’s mom

These are not the only amazing women in my life. I am surrounded by so many great and strong women. I am so thankful for every woman in my life and the lessons that they have blessed me with

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