My Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is how I first got involved in selfcare. Because of this I figured I would share my current skincare routine. My routine has variations to it and products change, but generally I stick to a lot of the same products.

Super Simple AM Routine

Cleanse with Cerave foaming cleanser

Essence- currently using Pyunkang Yul Essence (gifted) and I am loving it!

Moisturize- currently using Hydra from My Canna Skin (gifted) This moisturizer has CBD in it which helps with correcting redness

Sunscreen- currently using Cerave Daily Lotion with 30 spf. I apply sunscreen to my face, ears, and the back of my hands. I am not a fan of this sunscreen because of the white cast it leaves, but I am dedicated to finishing it.

Love this sunscreen for body use!

Exfoliating PM Routine

Double cleanse- double cleansing is important at night to ensure that there is not any makeup or sunscreen still on your face

First cleanse- I use an oil based cleanser. I have been using Tatcha Pure for around a year now and really love it.

Second cleanse- Water based cleanser to ensure that all the oil, sunscreen, and makeup are gone. I use Cerave Foaming Cleanser at this time

Exfoliate- Paula’s Choice BHA, I pat this product into my face. It is a chemical exfoliant so it is able to get deeper into my pores compared to physical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants also can cause microtears in the skin. Chemical exfoliants are much more gentle and more effective.

Essence- Pyunkang Yul Essence, I do not use a cotton ball, just my hands. I apply some product into my palms and then just pat it into my skin. This essence is extremely hydrating so I use it after exfoliating to protect my skin.

Treatment- Curology my current formula has Clindamycin which helps control and minimize bacteria, Azelaic Acid which helps with redness and also prevents acne, and Zinc Pyrithione also fights bacteria. I apply this every night

Moisturize- Currently using Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream and I loooovvvee it. It is so thick and creamy.

Sealant- Aquaphor Healing Ointment seals in all my products for the entire night

Texture shot of the Pyunkangyul Nutrition Cream

Anti-aging PM Routine

Double Cleanse- every night, wash that dirt awaaayyyyy

First Cleanse- Tatcha Pure

Second Cleanse- Cerave Foaming Cleanser

Essence- Pyunkang Yul essence, essences and toners should always be applied after cleanser. Essences are not a cleansing step. If you apply them with a cotton round it should not look dirty. If it is that means you did not cleanse your face well enough

Curology- again EVERY night with this

Retinol- I use Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I love this product so much. It smells so heavenly, and works so well.

Moisturizer- Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream

Holy Grail

With each product I apply I give two minutes between each product. When I have more time on my hands, I apply a product and wait 20 minutes before applying another product. This allows products to fully absorb into my skin so they can work their magic.

Also- I used Versed Just Breathe Clarity Serum anytime I wear a mask. As soon as I can take my mask off then I apply the serum to prevent breakouts. Then I apply moisturizer after to protect my skin’s moisture barrier.

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