Hair Changes

Craziest form of selfcare? Impromptu hair changes!! Love them. My sophomore year of college, I was in the middle of a particularly stressful finals week. And I walked into my apartment bathroom, grabbed some scissors and cut eight inches off my hair. I loved it. It was so fun.

2018 hair before the big CHOP

I fully embraced short hair. I actually went shorter, and shorter. Over the few next months, I continued to cut inches off. It was so freeing. Short hair was so bouncy and fresh.

After the first cut December 2018
The shortest I went June 2019

Life has recently came to a lull. I am extremely busy with school, but many aspects of life are still slowed because of the pandemic. I needed a little pick me up. Making a hair change was the easiest thing to do during this time.

But what did I decide to do???


Now bangs are not like short hair. I would do short hair again for the rest of my life. But bangs? Nope. This was definitely a one time thing. Never to be done again. Bangs are a lot of work. And I mean a lot. I have gotten very used to never doing my hair except for very special occasions. But with bangs, my hair has to be fixed. My issues with bangs are

  1. they never hang the same way
  2. they are always in my face
  3. they just do not suit my face.

I am so ready for when they grow out and I can tuck them behind my ears. I miss my forehead. But it is JUST hair, and it does grow back.

Hope everyone has a great week! If you have ever done something crazy to your hair leave it in the comments!

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