Skincare Review

Pyunkang Yul products apart of the Style Korean program (PR)

products were sent to me so that I could review them and share my thoughts

Moisture serum, Nutrition Cream, Essence Toner

This brand is dedicated to creating medical grade skincare without fragrance or harmful alcohols. This line works to cut down on oil production for the skin. It also is formulated to be safe for people with acne, because of this these products are better for oily and acne prone skin.

I was very excited about these products, because I have super oily skin. I used these products for almost two months. And whenever I would use these products by themselves, my skin would be TIGHT. This is concerning for me because my skin is soooo oily. Just using these products basically eliminated any oil or moisture on my skin. Because of this I had to use these products with other products to prevent total dryness.

The Essence Toner has a thick, almost gel like texture. It is thicker than water, because water is not present in this product to thin it out. Over 90% of this product’s ingredients is milk vecht root extract which is calming and anti inflammatory for the skin. This product is super calming. It feels so nice at first, but HAS TO be followed with something that add some moisture back into the skin. I do really like this product and I do not mind following it with a more hydrating essence.

Nutrition Cream
I really like this moisturizer as a day time moisturizer. The texture is amazing. It absorbs so quickly. This product has jojoba oil in it which is GREAT if you have acne. Huang Qi is also in this product which is an antioxidant, and antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals and damage. As long as I use a hydrating essence, my skin does not seem to dry out too much when I use this as a moisturizer.

Nutrition Cream

Moisture Serum
I have issues with this packaging, and the problems that I have with this packaging honestly makes me not want to use this. The product comes in dropper form. The dropper is so large that it is difficult to pull it out of the bottle. And once you get it out, instead of dispensing all of the products in the dropper it only releases a drop. I like to have four drops on my face so each time I have to reinsert the dropper to get more product. This is time consuming and frustrating, because the product itself is so hydrating. It has Coptis Japonica Root Extract in it and olive oil. Both help sooth and protect the skin.

Moisture Serum

Overall, I do like these products. But I do think they need to be used with other products. The packaging feel nice and sturdy which is always a plus for me. And two of the three products are very easy to use, with the exception being the serum because of the size of the dropper. If you purchase these products then it is important to monitor your skin’s condition and protect it from dryness.

Cruelty free
Fragrance free
formulated for sensitive skin

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