Wedding Weekend

Like most people, I have not seen my family since February. Most years, we get together for each birthday in the family. This year has been challenging in so many ways. So we were so blessed that my cousin was able to get married this past weekend.

I absolutely love weddings, but I could not imagine trying to plan a wedding during this unusual year. Despite all the challenges, my cousin and her now husband faced with planning this wedding- everything turned out beautifully. It was so nice to spend time with my family and it made me realize how much I have missed seeing them.

My weekend snuggle bug

I headed down on Thursday. We got there super late and normally this would not bother me too much. But the next morning I was speaking at a conference via Zoom. This conference was for my senior thesis which I have been working on since May. I was already a little stressed about the wedding, because I was going to be in it and I had never been in a wedding before. But I had also never spoken at a conference before. I had a lot of firsts this past weekend. But the conference went well, and afterwards I was able to relax a lot more for the remainder of the weekend.

The wedding was at the beach, which is my favorite place in the world to be. On a normal beach trip I would be on the beach from sun up to sun down with a break only for oysters on the half shell. This was not a normal beach trip. The days were planned out and organized. After, my conference was over I attended the bridal brunch. And if you know me then you know I LIVE for good food. We had a breakfast casserole with chorizo, spinach, and mushrooms and it was seriously so good. I could have consumed the entire pan. My aunt and I talked about it for the entire weekend because it was just that good.

After the brunch, my parents, my brother, and my boyfriend all took a long walk on the beach. The night before we had gone on a short walk when we arrived, but I had to prepare my presentation for the conference so that limited our walk. Our daytime walk was so relaxing. But we quickly had to get ready for the rehearsal.

Because of the current circumstances, my family was able to be at the rehearsal dinner even if they were not in the wedding. The rehearsal made me so excited for the wedding. The location was absolutely beautiful. We danced all night. The next day was going to be a super busy day for everyone.

Our view at the rehearsal dinner

The next day was the WEDDING DAY. I was doing my own makeup, and two of the other bridesmaids’ makeup. I was doing makeup for my cousins that I do not see often. So, it was so nice to do their makeup and catch up with them. I do my own makeup all the time but I only done someone other than myself ONCE. I was so shocked two people were trusting me to do their makeup on such a big day. And it was a learning curve. Doing my own makeup is so much easier than doing someone else’s, but it was fun. And they looked beautiful.

My handsome wedding date

We had so much fun getting ready. We drank mimosas and ate chicken nuggets. It was so fun to watch everyone go from pajamas and slippers to absolutely glamourous. And it was so special to spend this time with my family.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Normally, I cry at weddings like a crazy person. But luckily the sun was shining into my eyes which saved me from being a sobbing mess. Everything about the reception was great. We had good food and lots of laughs. I was so thankful to spend this time with my family and connect with each other in ways that we have not done for a very long time.

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