Crime Shows and Podcasts

For as long as I can remember, Mom and I used to watch Forensic Files constantly. We love shows like that. I have watched Criminal Minds probably a billion times. Criminal Minds is something I used to watch a lot when I was living by myself. And the way Criminal Minds was made gave me nightmares almost daily. But this did not stop me from watching this show. It is comforting to know how a show is going to end.

I still love watching crime shows like Criminal Minds, despite the nightmares. Criminal Minds peaked my interest in true crime. For around a year now I have been listening to true crime podcast. The first one I ever listened to was Up and Vanished about Tara Grinstead, which was extremely tragic but so well research. I have my own theories on this case, despite how the show unexpected progressed. Next, Mom and I found Morbid. We both really like how much detail the Morbid girls go into cases, but we do not love how much they ramble on during their shows. Once we listened to all of the Morbid episodes we started listening to Crime Junkies. Crime Junkies focused on cases that were forgotten about. Their cases are largely about people who have been marginalized and silenced. Because the people in these cases have often been forgotten about, a lot of these cases are unsolved. This is extremely sad, so I appreciate Crime Junkies bringing more awareness to these cases. But sometimes they do not provide enough detail for me. At the start of covid, I started listening to Serial about Adnan Syed. I have very mixed thoughts about this case and I feel like Serial was pretty biased in this case. Most recently, I have been listening to My Favorite Murder. This podcast does have a lot of conversation that is not related to the cases, but mainly it is at the beginning. So I just skip these parts.

Crime shows are relaxing for me. It is interesting to find out how these cases were solved.

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One thought on “Crime Shows and Podcasts

  1. This a favorite habit of ours. I think it helps increase our awareness of potential situations. Always carry your phone. Let people know where you are and who you are with. Never leave your friends behind.
    ‘Fresh air is for dead people’ – meaning don’t leave your windows opened at night.


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