I am definitely a summer person. I like warm weather, and being on the water. In the summer, it seems like there is always something to do. Going to restaurants and just sitting outside is fun because it feels so good outside. But there is something about the end of the fall semester that is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. October through December is special in its own way. The weather cools down, there is a rush with school almost being out for an entire month, and the thought of Thanksgiving food is on everyone’s mind. But this time period goes by so quickly. One minute you are carving pumpkins and the next you are wrapping presents. So this year I am going to actively work to enjoy every remotely festive moment.

Every summer since my sophomore year, I have taken summer classes. So, summers have often been spent trying to learn Spanish and still take trips and do fun things. The weeks between the end of fall semester and the start of spring semester are so great because there is absolutely zero schoolwork. And I know this might not always be the case, especially if I decide to go further in my academic career. But for the past few years, it has been so nice and refreshing.

This November is particularly exciting, because I am graduating in a few short weeks. Because of the current circumstances, a lot of big assignments have been pushed to before Thanksgiving. This is so nice because it feels like school is out and I can focus on spending time with my family and enjoy both holidays.

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas so much. I enjoy eating the traditional food and the festivities like looking at Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies. I loooovveee old Christmas music. Back in the day, when Black Friday shopping was fun, I used to enjoy that. It is not really fun anymore. Everything starts early on Thanksgiving, which is absurd to me. And it seems like each year Black Friday starts earlier and earlier. I think this year there are month long sales for Black Friday, which defeats the purpose of calling it a Black Friday sale. Even with Black Friday becoming something that I increasingly care less about, I still enjoy everything else about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been a symbol of almost being finished with the semester and this year that is largely true.

Despite this time of year being more relaxing, there is also SOO much to do in such a short amount of time. I like to make the most out of the season, and be as festive as possible. Work Christmas parties are another thing that I have always enjoyed about this time of year. So many fun memories are made at each party.

Christmas look from last year

Hope everyone has a great month. Relax and try to destress, and enjoy all celebrations and holidays

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4 thoughts on “November

  1. Love this! I am so jealous that all of your work must be done before Thanksgiving! I have to work for two weeks more of school while at home! Such a cute article!


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