My poor phone has been on the fritz for a while, lost it this week. It was set up on a tripod and it fell maybe two feet. The screen already had green and black lines all over it, and I picked it up and it was completely pixelated and glitching. This was so stressful. I tried the “turn it off and hope for the best” method, but I could not get the screen to stop glitching long enough to do so.

Phones are so ingrained into our lives that going without one for two days is extremely difficult. My school work can only be accessed by a code or call that is placed to my phone. And once this is set up it cannot be undone for security purposes. I have a few group activities due this week and not having access to my messages is creating some difficulties there as well. We are having to settle with email chains that have up to 50 emails in them. I also cannot go run errands like I normally would either. I get worried about having an accident or a flat tire the one time I do not have my phone with me. And during this covid season, I doubt that anyone would stop on the side of the road. I also always assume when people are broke down on the side of the road that they have a phone with them and I am sure this is the assumption of many other people. I used my phone to track the foods I eat and for workout changes. And I have definitely done those things on paper in the past, but there is an ease and convenience with not having to carry a notebook everywhere you go.

It is so crazy to think that people used to drive with out phones in their car and that they used to communicate mainly through landlines. I use my phone a lot but I try to be more mindful of how much I use it. Not having a phone at all these past few days has made me very aware of just how much I do rely on it. I think cell phones and technology give us so much. But they also take so much away from us.

Despite all of this, I have a very exciting announcement. I have recently started working with TeCeutica Skincare as a company they are dedicated to making skincare more accessible especially for the Latino community. A while back they sent me some products and I really have enjoyed them. They are a Texas-based company and I have a 30% discount code on their products. This code is for the holiday season. So, buy some nice and affordable skincare for your family and friends using savsskincare30

I do make commission off of any sales from this code and I would greatly appreciate any support.

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