This year I have tried to make sure I am doing things for the right reason and that these things benefit me. This is the reason I became so invested in skincare. I wanted to take care of myself on the outside. But I was not always the best about talking take care of inner-me.

I have been journaling for a while, but I am not always consistent about it. Journaling is something that I have been trying to make time for every single day. I am also trying to send time moving my body every single day. I have gotten to the point that I love YouTube workout videos. I watch CelaMarr’s YouTube videos and do a couple of her workouts each day. I feel more energized and overall better on days when I do an intentional workout. In years prior, I made excuses all the time. This year I have stopped making working out about losing weight or getting in shape and more about doing it to feel good. And that mindset change is so beneficial for me.

I am also more concerned with the food I eat. I am not filling up on junk as much as I used to. I used to eat Zaxbys literally every single Sunday before or after work depending on what time my shift was. And takis were my stress relief food, I would eat multiple bags a week. Now, I am practicing eating more mindfully. Instead of eating food that does not make me feel good, I am trying to eat foods that make me feel good and still taste good. I also am trying to eat more plant based and vegan meals. I started cooking so much this year and it started when I was still living in my apartment. My mom sent HelloFresh to me for several months. My mom is an excellent cook, but I have never cooked much. I started cooking then because HelloFresh was so easy and always turned out amazing. After that, I started watching more international cooking shows and I realized that as an American, food is so rushed. In other countries, food is an experience and enjoyed. I took a Mediterranean food history course this past summer and this fueled my interest for good food so much more. I have always ate good food, but I often do not experience it like I should. This is something that I feel like is necessary for overall health.

Traditional Italian Dish from my course this summer

When I was younger, my mom used to tell me that all of my actions needed to be done with a full heart. Helping people and myself needs to be done with a full heart because otherwise those actions are a waste. Being motivated by the correct intentions is so important. I hope everyone has a great week and practices some deeper forms of selfcare.

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