This year I have tried to make sure I am doing things for the right reason and that these things benefit me. This is the reason I became so invested in skincare. I wanted to take care of myself on the outside. But I was not always the best about talking take care of inner-me.Continue reading “Intentions”


My poor phone has been on the fritz for a while, lost it this week. It was set up on a tripod and it fell maybe two feet. The screen already had green and black lines all over it, and I picked it up and it was completely pixelated and glitching. This was so stressful.Continue reading “Phoneless”


I am definitely a summer person. I like warm weather, and being on the water. In the summer, it seems like there is always something to do. Going to restaurants and just sitting outside is fun because it feels so good outside. But there is something about the end of the fall semester that isContinue reading “November”

Wedding Weekend

Like most people, I have not seen my family since February. Most years, we get together for each birthday in the family. This year has been challenging in so many ways. So we were so blessed that my cousin was able to get married this past weekend. I absolutely love weddings, but I could notContinue reading “Wedding Weekend”

Skincare Review

Pyunkang Yul products apart of the Style Korean program (PR) products were sent to me so that I could review them and share my thoughts This brand is dedicated to creating medical grade skincare without fragrance or harmful alcohols. This line works to cut down on oil production for the skin. It also is formulatedContinue reading “Skincare Review”


Some times in life, I begin doing things that make me feel at peace. But as time goes on these same things that once brought me peace now bring me stress. I have a very competitive nature. It does not matter if we are playing cornhole outside to pass the time, I will want toContinue reading “Cornhole”

Hair Changes

Craziest form of selfcare? Impromptu hair changes!! Love them. My sophomore year of college, I was in the middle of a particularly stressful finals week. And I walked into my apartment bathroom, grabbed some scissors and cut eight inches off my hair. I loved it. It was so fun. I fully embraced short hair. IContinue reading “Hair Changes”

The Women in My Life

As a woman, I think it is extremely helpful to be surrounded by strong women. My mother is an extremely strong woman. She is a pure angel and she cares so deeply for everyone she meets. Mom and I are extremely close. I have always told her a lot more than most girls my age.Continue reading “The Women in My Life”


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